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I thought of works able to include the sense of time flowing. Paper reduced in lines of little thickness, each sheet taken in its length of attaching a strip to the other and rolling it up on itself. An endless operation: to cut, to tear, to join, to paste, to roll obsessively. So I wanted to collect the papers of my life: drawings, paintings, notes, magazines, art magazines read and introjected. The mandalas that start from a central point and develop in an unspecified manner towards the outside are the visual result . Condensed time, images and words that belong to me now. So the mandala becomes a necessity of survival, an answer to the search for an order of things, of thoughts; this way of operating becomes a meditative act that takes a shape. Past time built my life, gave me my own identity The time interval that has gone by was important to me as it is now reorganizing the experience of the past in another one, giving it a new real shape by folding, gluing, rolling...

exibart mandala
156.27 kB
Free art magazines
Artshow Mandala
99.47 kB
Seventeen years of guides to art exhibitions 2008/2009
Extrart mandala
37.53 kB
Free art magazine 2008
Mandala orientation
34.37 kB
Maps of places visited
Artdiary mandala
36.98 kB
Art diary yearbooks
Mezzotint mandala
24.97 kB
Several pieces made ​​up of mezzotint engravings.
Art-terapy mandala
176.30 kB
Drawings and works on paper of the four years of training in art therapy
Mandala of knowledge
100.78 kB
Dictionary pages on a collage of extracted figures.
Mandala lithographs
70.83 kB
Some pieces of mandalas consist of lithographs.
Travel mandala
72.50 kB
Small mandala into a box.
Mandala time
93.93 kB
Mandala composed of pages of diary and calendar.
Mandala time
77.59 kB
Mandala composed of pages of agenda.

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