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DescriptionA woman discovers and plays with a mirrorball, and so she dies, mesmerized by her own image reflected by hundreds of little pieces of mirror. "Narcissus" myth, reinterpreted by a video that “reflects” the magmatic disintegration of individual identity in contemporary society and the savage search for artificial beauty.
Authors / Co-authorsFrancesca Fini
Techniquelive media, video
Year of production2010

47.62 kB
Self Portrait is a piece of live art by Francesca Fini, implemented in collaboration with Gianluca Giardi, visual artist of Rome. A black cloth is in the middle of the performance space. On the canvas runs a video that contains a mosaic of images of women in the 60s public domain. The "ephemeral" culture that reveals the stereotype of women and its distortion in the period surrounding the so-called image-obsessed society. She is and advertising vehicle, a messenger of social campaigns, the object of male desire in the first soft-porns in black and white. A picture that could be monotonous, but in reality is mysterious and ineffable, while the video runs, sent back and forth by the fast fingers of Francesca Fini handling a corset full of electronic valves and knobs. An electronic dress/prison that is also an instrument that makes up a noisy soundscape where you lose the words of those women of the past, while Gianluca tries to keep their faces on the canvas with white chalk.
10,748.19 kB
"To be or not to be?" The question is made by remixing the words of Sir Laurence Olivier in his Hamlet.

The question is always the same, eternal, but here gains new meaning. Being or not being here means to decide to exist in the real or virtual.

In the performance the most vulgar tools at the base of interaction design and digital entertainment are incorporated within a traditional aesthetic vision that gives them absolutely new and unifying meaning.

Technically the performance was designed to use a webcam connected to a real-time software that tracks my movements by associating them with sounds and turning my body into a synthesizer. At the same time my image, projected live on screen behind me, interacts with 3D graphics in order to obtain a kind of augmented reality. The concept behind the performance is the desire of melting togheter two very distant languages: Shakespeare and a video game. So, the onanism of playstation becomes public spectacle, while the aesthetics of ritual theater decomposes in the psychedelia of a videogame.

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