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DescriptionThe concept of performance is an invitation to violate our personal space, to overcome the illusory security that is both culturally and physically. The escape from this invisible shell, yet so powerful, it is accompanied by sound. With the tools of computer vision, Francesca Fini has mapped the space where the performance takes place, inserting virtual objects that are activated in perfect synesthesia, by the smallest movement of the performer. The space becomes a sensitive place to the emotions expressed by the movement, a place that meets and interacts with us, generating images and sounds. The sounds are modulated according to the intensity and speed of movement, like a musical instrument capable of giving physical reality to social conventions, to the invisible prisons, to the the antibodies of our own cultural identity.
Authors / Co-authorsFrancesca Fini
Techniquelive media, video
Year of production2011

1,455.10 kB
The education of feelings in a woman is a cathartic process that has something sacred and ritual. We Rebuild it in the flutter of a performance, in a communication with gestures, touch and body fluids. We bring out of our female bodies all the symbols of our slavery to Perfection and Beauty. More than any creature of this earth, we do not accept the contradictions that are the most authentic aspect of Life, in its absolute lack of meaning.

We try to mend a sense abandoning the linear paths. We accept the absurd like a curved iron bar thrown into the gears.
6,250.37 kB
performance piece in two chapters

Act I - "white lab"

The miracle of the wild colors of natural seasons is played in the space of a white lab, flows in a white suit that wraps a body without a face. Colors that blend and overlap, to make my white skin hard and brown like bark, as time goes by making us feel as to resemble trees.

music by zuhn -

Act II - "white noise"

The Greek word for "nature " is physis (φύσις): According to Heidegger this term is related to the keyword phàos, phos which means light, wanting to signify a connection between life and light. The concept of light as a source of life is shown through the use of interaction design. The lab is now completely dark. The public can pick up light torches from the floor, to illuminate the scene. When light hits my white suit, the wall behind me comes to life. Bright colors run across the surface of the room, accompanied by interactively generated sounds that appear to be one with them. The webcam in front of me tracks light spots on my suit, transforming them into images and sounds.

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