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DescriptionThe rabbit got out of the cylinder to show us the banality of evil. It tells us a story in three acts about the origin of power, playing with colored paper cut-out shapes.
The performance is based on interaction design and video mapping. The sounds are generated live, according to the color of all the paper objects that are shown to the camera, which frames the white belly of the rabbit. Each color is associated with a sound that is emitted and modulated by the synthesizer, according to the movement of the hands. The colors, once "activated", also launch graphic animations, which are projected on the white rabbit mask suspended in the air.
Authors / Co-authorsFrancesca Fini
Techniquelive media, video
Year of production2011

14.24 kB
"Cry Me" is a radiography of the soul.

As a woman, I reveal myself through videoart, playing with a tv display that is like an uterus where my secret “avatar” lives and sings.

The video was inspired somehow by the visceral and visionary paintings of Frida Kahlo.

The artwork in the display was originally a video shot with a dv camera and then manipulated into photoshop frame-by-frame, as a digitally painted animation.
1,455.10 kB
The education of feelings in a woman is a cathartic process that has something sacred and ritual. We Rebuild it in the flutter of a performance, in a communication with gestures, touch and body fluids. We bring out of our female bodies all the symbols of our slavery to Perfection and Beauty. More than any creature of this earth, we do not accept the contradictions that are the most authentic aspect of Life, in its absolute lack of meaning.

We try to mend a sense abandoning the linear paths. We accept the absurd like a curved iron bar thrown into the gears.

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