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Sije Kingma

Year of production: 2013

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"Sinus" is a dark cross-over between animated film and comic book. The film introduces three characters in a dark city. Rough charcoal and ink backgrounds are combined with sharp drawings. "Sinus" was launched during the FIAV, Casablanca, April 2013. This world premiere can be considered as the first step into a series of animation projects. At the moment "Sinus" gets screened at different galleries and videofestivals, both national and international. An animated project by Sije Kingma Illustrated by Robbin de Weerdt Backgrounds by Sije Kimga Assistant animation and compositing by Jael Lambers Music by Kasper van Hoek and Jan Klug Produced and directed by Sije Kingma

Coauthors: -

Keywords: 2d animation, comic book, dark city, murder story, professor, detective

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