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Ian Henderson

Year of production: 2010

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The narration contained in this video work is derived and adapted from an Ancient Egyptian prayer of supplication to the moon god, Osiris. Images derived from footage of the Moon are inter-cut with images of tidal waters and the sea creating an atmospheric non-linear flow of sound and image.
Linking the name Chandra, the Hindu Lunar diety to the universal themes contained in the Egyptian supplicants’ prayer, the video presents a syncretic sythesis. Many moon dieties are interchangeably represented in myth and legend as bearers of water, rain and sea. They exercise a powerful hidden influence over mankind through the ebbing and flowing medium of water.
This video presents recent experimentation with the creation of an atmospheric, multi-layered soundtrack allied to visual imagery. This is not intended to communicate a single, fixed reading but to open up the possibility of multiple interpretations.

Keywords: Chandra

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