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Keaton Fox

Year of production: 2013

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A bit about being 21.
Looking at the past through the extremes. The positives and negatives. The pain that co-exists with pleasure. The lovely and the unattractive. The clear along side the blurred. The edited and the natural. Success from failure. From brilliance to darkness.
Looking at the past through repetition. The scenes that play themselves over and over. The mistakes we learn from, and those which we can never understand. The ideas and thoughts that alter as the same scene plays in different moments of our years- the effects that different people, places, and notions have on our views. The uniquely colored perspectives that we gain as we grow.
Looking to the past to find oneself. The selfish and unavoidable task that every 21-year-old seems to face as of late. And finally- learning to laugh. To laugh at it all. To understand that there will always be a point in which you can, and you will. Not because you want to, but simply because you must.

Coauthors: Keaton Fox

Keywords: 21, growth, past, extremes, repetition

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