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Ian Henderson

Year of production: 2008

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This short video piece is part of an ongoing series of works that explore religious or spiritual themes. My intention was to present an image that is both timeless and metaphorical. The piece is informed by Buddhist, Hindu and Christian texts that identify the feet as the physical point of contact between the Divine and the Earth; as an object of worship and as the primary form of human propulsion. They are both the physical and metaphorical means by which an individual undertakes a journey; either into themselves or outward in quest.
A figure, which lacks an obvious gender, approaches relentlessly accompanied by a soundtrack of breath, wind, thunder and drums. It materialises from the void, strides purposefully towards the viewer for a period before fading slowly into the dark. The action of walking towards the viewer is important and forms a core element of a number of related works.
Video is used as medium for this work as it uniquely allows both a moving, animated image and an accompanying evocative soundtrack. Future pieces of video will concentrate on similar universal themes

Keywords: Prophet, art video

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