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The body of my soul


Maflohé Passedouet

Year of production: 2009

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The body of my soul is a behavorial installation. The piece can be presented in a simple version too. Maflohé wished to celebrate the Roma gypsy woman, so returning an emotional tribute to her distant roots, the inheritance of which she feels strongly. She stages naturally to concern in this installation the comment the multiple discrimination of the Roma women and on their social exclusion. Icon believer, ambivalent, provocating and seductive bride, restricted in her movements, imprisoned by male hands without body, appearing any goshawk, this board evokes the dance, the shouts, the laughter, the tears and proposes, in a surprising direction, a dramatic art expressionist in an interactive sound environment. This installation questions us about the love relation and the pacts that we weave all in our life and ask the question of the freedom in the union beyond the sacred, the symbols and the dogmae.
" Half of the Gypsies are women, namely, approximately 4 in 5 millions in Europe. It is girls who learn that to be woman means making the washing, preparing meals, taking charge of youngs. It ‘s also teenagers who incorporate the requirement of the virginity and the ideal of a marriage for the life, at the same time as they exercise the seduction, the provocation, the bargaining as a means to get a foothold in a world governed by non-Gypsies. They are finally married women worried by the cohesion of their couple, their home, expert in the art to weave links and to play with stereotypes, ready of becoming mothers-in-law and grandmothers to give finally legally orders instead of receiving from it. " Be a woman in the gypsy world. Gypsy studies n°33-34
The installation stages the bridal dress. Suspended in the sights, this dress livens up in an appearance which seems angelic, magic... While the dramatic art takes place in the airs by a video projection with scale 1, the visitor is invited to participate in the ceremonial.
Conception/scenography/creation: Maflohé Passedouet Sound design : Nicolas Boscovic Hands manipulation : William Jouve Editing: Hazem Berrabah Interactive device: Erik Lorré Sewing Assistant: Jean-Marc Bourgeois Coproduction : Fées d’Hiver -France /Kr-Ma*

Coauthors: Creation :Maflohé Passedouet/Music: Nicolas Boscovic/camera : Hazem Berrabah

Keywords: performance installation

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