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Taxonomía 5


Isabel Pérez Del Pulgar

Year of production: 2012

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This work is an integral part of the series-Taxonomy project. Project consists of 5 videos and a photographic series. The definition of the term Taxonomy is given as the study of kinship between organisms and their evolutionary history. Beyond its definition within a framework of management and scientific classification, I propose the relationship between the body as an organic and her various organizations. Fractured realities by way of mirrors that reflect the subjective image. Subjective perception dependent individual, the fragile and ephemeral nature of the organic structure that gun body and established communication directly with consciousness. Differences between the inner emotions of an introspective vision and the external projection of the body as object-subject subject to predation of values established in a society in crisis. The body under stress and facing contradictory between a constructed reality that as a productive and consumerist and self-awareness and belief of what a human being is related to the environment. Parallel to have awareness and knowledge, both consciously and unconsciously, of finitude, the decline in short the idea of death and denial. Música Chris Zabriskie

Keywords: taxonomy, series, list, bones, body

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